Deck Design


Spend your time selling not learning software.


Design a deck faster with Luxwood Design Tools than with any other system on the market today.


Never forget a part again. The design is all inclusive and correctly engineered using manufacturers specific products.

Reduce Errors

Eliminate errors in transposition since the BOM links with your POS and accounting systems. No need to re-enter SKUs to get your pricing and produce an invoice. Save time too.

Little Training

Minimal training is required, most customers are able to design an accurate deck first try right out of the box.

Plug & Play

Manufacturers catalogues are available for many hand rail and decking suppliers with more being added as requested. This ensures the parts and design requirements for each system matches the exact requirements for the product chosen, once again reducing the need for training on the software and the products.

Powerful Selling Tool

Good graphics combined with flexibility, quick and easy revisions plus the ability to display the deck on a picture of your prospect's house make this an unparalleled selling tool for decks.


Luxwood's Deck Design can be customized to build decks using your unique methods and materials.

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